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An area of ground that development and building have modified in such a way that precipitation cannot infiltrate downward through the soil.



Inclusivity addresses equity of building use by different groups of occupants, providing a spectrum of amenities to support varying needs. This can include welcoming other users through building elements, such as Universal washrooms and family washrooms, or providing signage in different languages. Promoting inclusivity within buildings can ensure that efforts to improve building wellness impact all building users equally. It is an opportunity to consider diversity and equity in planning and programming, to include components that support underrepresented, minority, and less visible user groups.



A statistic that indicates some current economic of financial condition. Indexes are often used to make adjustments in wage rates, rental rates, load interest rates, and pension benefits set by long-term contracts.



A facility in which the space is used primarily for research, development, service, production, storage or distribution of goods and which may also include some office space (no more than 25% of the space can be dedicated to office usage).



(HVAC) uncontrolled inward air leakage to conditioned spaces through unintentional openings in ceilings, floors, and walls from unconditioned spaces or the outdoors cause by the same pressure differences in that induce exfiltration.



The basic public works of a city or subdivision, including roads, bridges, sewer and water systems, drainage systems, and essential public facilities.



Materials used to slow the transfer of heat through walls so as to reduce energy costs and help maintain a uniform temperature.



Non-native vegetation that has been introduced to an area and that aggressively adapts and reproduces. The plant’s vigor combined with a lack of natural enemies often leads to outbreak populations.

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