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E4.2 Parking Services


Are parking-related services available?


Applicable to All Buildings


Yes or No or Partial


Parking functionality integration with end-user app to support wayfinding, space availability, space booking and payments (if required). Licence plate recognition for parking services. Digital signage providing utilization and wayfinding information. Temporary vehicle parking spots booked by car sharing/pooling apps or building visitors and automatically assigned and monitored


  1. LPR
    • Validation and barrier control
    • Automatic billing
    • Visitor pre-registration
    • Individual parking spot usage
    • Vehicle overstay
    • Searchable list of active licence plates in parking lot
    • LPR for delivery vehicle access to loading bay or drop off area
  2. Space booking and payment
    • Ability to book and make payments
    • Car sharing app integration
    • Smart bicycle racks or bicycle storage
    • Guest access via QR code
    • Dynamic pricing based on time of day and zone
  3. Parking lot and parking space signage
    • Parking utilization signage
    • Reserved parking space digital signage
    • Dynamic multicoloured spot availability indicators to denote parking space type and status
  4. EV charging
    • Electric vehicle charging
  5. Temporary vehicle parking spots
    • Time slot and temporary parking spot automatically assigned at pickup bay
    • Spot occupancy monitored and analyzed to uncover trends and estimate wait times when bays are full
    • Display wait-time and occupancy in digital signage


  • Digital Enablement Specifications (CCTVs, parking)
  • Vendor documentation (specifications, commissioning report, technical reports, functionality design reports)
  • Building drawings
  • Compliance Registers
  • Use case — Benefits Realization Report
  • Show verifier app functionality (UI/UX)
  • Integrations Report
  • SPoG/Integrated Building Management Platform Specifications


Other Notes


Yes – 3/3, No – 0/3, Partial – 1/3

Scoring Notes

Full points awarded if all items above are met, partial points awarded if two items are met