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Questionnaire - Health Care Facilities

A few words about the Health Care Facilities and its questionnaire ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The Health Care Facilities Questionnaire is organized lorem ipsum Focus Areas.
Security and Safety (15 questions)
S0. Baseline Practices (2 questions)
S1. Data Security (2 questions)
S2. Cyber Security (2 questions)
S3. Emergency Response (3 questions)
S4. Equipment Monitoring (3 questions)
S5. Detection Protocols (3 questions)
Operations and Management (16 questions)
O0. Baseline Practices (1 question)
O1. Change Management (2 questions)
O2. Equipment Management (4 questions)
O3. Environmental Management (3 questions)
O4. Regulatory Protocols (3 questions)
O5. Sanitation Management (3 questions)
Network and Integration (16 questions)
N0. Baseline Practices (1 question)
N1. Integrated Systems (3 questions)
N2. Network Availability (4 questions)
N3. Infrastructure Integration (3 questions)
N4. Communication Protocols (5 questions)
End-User Experience (17 questions)
E1. Tenant Assistance (3 questions)
E2. Space Utilization (5 questions)
E3. Tenant Services (4 questions)
E4. Storage Services (3 questions)
E5. Communication Practices (2 questions)
Reporting and Analysis (15 questions)
R0. Baseline Practices (1 question)
R1. Building System Information (1 question)
R2. Cost and Efficiency Reporting (5 questions)
R3. Building Performance Analysis (4 questions)
R4. Tenant Reporting (2 questions)
R5. Sustainability Reporting (2 questions)