How-To Manual


BOMA BEST Policies


Policy 9: Appeals Process

Following the BOMA BEST verification, Applicants may launch a formal appeal to contest a decision made by BOMA with regards to the Applicant’s Questionnaire. A maximum of two questions can be contested per appeal application.

To launch the appeals process, the Applicant must file a formal complaint or appeal with BOMA via email. The issue will be reviewed and resolved locally at the discretion of BOMA and may be submitted as a Technical Clarification Request. If necessary, the Applicant will be granted an extension to the 30-day verification period deadline. 

A one-time fee of $1,000, plus applicable taxes will be charged for any appeals received. Fees are non-refundable. Additional supporting documentation may be required for BOMA to make an official ruling.

The decision will be communicated directly to the Applicant. All decisions are final.