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How-To Manual


BOMA BEST Policies


Policy 2: Application Fee Refund

Applicants may obtain a refund for an application fee within the first 30 days of the building’s registration provided verification has not been initiated for the building.

Beyond the 30-day period, no refunds will be issued. In the event that a building is sold to another company, the application fee remains with the building itself, not the management or owner company that originally registered it. The new management or owner companies may continue the building’s certification process at no additional costs provided the online application period is compliant with BOMA BEST Building Certification Program Policy 4 – Online Application Period. An application fee cannot be transferred to another building. 

In all cases, no refund for an application fee shall be granted for the purpose of compensation where BOMA BEST certification was not achieved or where the desired level was not achieved after pursuing a Score Upgrade.