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How-To Manual


Eligibility Criteria


Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs)

To be eligible for this module, 75% of the building’s use must meet the Multi-Unit Residential Building Module definition listed below (25% can be dedicated to other usage).

Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB): A building comprised of a common entrance and separate units that are also known as apartments constructed for dwelling purposes. Multi-Unit Residential Buildings must have one primary exterior door access, with each of the apartments connected by an interior door. All of the units must connect to each other (or a central corridor) by some interior door for purposes of a blower door test.

Categories for MURBs include:

  • Low Rise (1 to 4): The building must comprise a minimum of one floor above ground and four apartment (dwelling) units.
  • Mid Rise: (5 to 9).
  • High Rise: (10 +).
This definition applies only to MURBs or independent living (i.e., retirement) communities. Buildings that meet the definition for a Hotel, Residence Hall/Dormitory, Single Family Home or other type of lodging or residential facility must use the Universal Module (definitions from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager).

Note: The pricing model employed herein is based on a unit-based system as opposed to a per-story basis.