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How-To Manual




3. In ENERGY STAR: Share your building with the main BOMA BEST ESPM account

3.1. Visit the Energy Star PortfolioManager website and log in to your ESPM account. 

3.2. Open the Sharing tab and click Set Up Web Services/Data Exchange.

3.3. The Sharing page is displayed. 

A. Under Select Web Services Provider (Account), select BOMA BEST (BOMA BEST).
B. Under Select Properties, select the building(s) you wish to sync.
C. Under Choose Permissions, select Personalized Sharing & Exchange Data (Custom Orders).
D. Click Set Permissions.

3.4. The Share Your Property(ies) page is displayed. For each property, set the permission for BOMA BEST to Exchange Data.

3.5. A new window will open. Select Read Only Access for each item. (You can select None for Recognition).

3.6. For Share Forward, select Yes (very important).

3.7. Click Apply Selection & Authorize Exchange.

3.8. Now, click Share Properties.

3.9. Once BOMA BEST ES has accepted your request, it will be forwarded to the BOMA BEST Hub. This may take up to 48 hours. After the first time your building syncs, it will refresh automatically every 24 hours. If there is sufficient (and correctly entered) data in ES the Weather Normalized Site EUI, Water Use Intensity and ENERGY STAR Score (if applicable) will appear on your building’s Benchmarking Summary page in the BOMA BEST Hub.