How-To Manual




Requesting verification in the Hub

Check out the Helpful Videos section for steps on requesting verification in the Hub.

Once you’ve answered at least the Baseline Practices questions from each Focus Area, the Submit for Verificationbutton will activate.

Click on Submit for Verification to send your request for verification to BOMA. Your building will then be assigned to a BOMA BEST Verification Professional who will be in contact with you.

The assigned BOMA BEST Verification Professional will conduct a two-step verification process: Pre-site and On-siteverifications. During the Pre-site verification, the verifier will go through the submitted Questionnaire to confirm that it has been completed correctly and the uploaded documentation meets requirements.

The verifier and the Applicant will agree on a date and time on which an on-site verification can be formally done. The verifier will then enter the agreed date and time in the portal and the Applicant will receive a confirmation email.