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How-To Manual




Applicant verification checklist

BEFORE REQUESTING VERIFICATION — You are ready to request verification if you have completed the following:

    • Answered Yes to all Baseline Practices.
    • Uploaded supporting documentation for each Baseline Practice.
    • If claiming performance points (EUI, ENERGY STAR Score or WUI), performance metrics are visible in the summary box on your Property Characteristics page (only occurs if you have correctly synchronized your account with ENERGY STAR).
    • Transcribed performance values (and units) from the Benchmarking summary to your Questionnaire.
    • Collected supporting documentation for all questions answered Yes or N/A. This should be organized in the order of the Questionnaire.
    • Obtained an overall working score in the Questionnaire.

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to request verification. To do this, follow the steps under Requesting Verification.

AFTER REQUESTING VERIFICATION — You are ready for the on-site visit if the following are true:

    • The following team members are available for the on-site visit:
      • An individual familiar with the BOMA BEST Questionnaire AND
      • an individual responsible for the building’s on-site management practices AND
      • an individual responsible for the building’s operations.
    • The verifier can access all areas of the building.
    • You can show the verifier your online completed Benchmarking page (screenshot above). The verifier must see this to confirm your performance points. If you cannot show this page to the verifier (no internet), or if the page is blank (synchronization has not occurred), points associated with performance cannot be awarded.
    • You can provide missing or incomplete documentation within 30 days of the verification.
    • You are aware that additional verification costs may be incurred in certain cases.