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Every building that undertakes the BOMA BEST Building Certification Program must undergo an on-site verification conducted by a BOMA BEST Verification Professional to ensure the validity of information entered online, as well as evaluate on-site knowledge and implementation of management practices.

On-site verification must occur before the official final score and certification can be awarded. Note that all Baseline Practices must be met, regardless of the official final score, for a building to achieve certification.

Verification and subsequent certification are coordinated and managed by BOMA.

All Platinum buildings are subject to a mandatory, remote, quality assessment by a BOMA BEST Verification Professional. Applicants may be contacted for additional information to support this quality assessment. The Certification level and score is only finalized once the secondary verification is completed.

Once complete, a Final Verification Report is issued summarizing the building’s performance and final score.

The Report details changes made to the Questionnaire resulting from the verification. These changes do not automatically appear in your Questionnaire. We recommend applying them.