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How-To Manual


BOMA BEST Policies


Policy 15: Building Management Change

When a BOMA BEST certified building is removed or sold from a company’s portfolio or management, the following will apply:


The Building Manager shall notify BOMA of any registered properties sold from their management. Sold buildings will be inactivated by BOMA upon notification.

The Building Manager shall notify BOMA of any new acquisition of a previously BOMA BEST certified building in the case they wish to pursue a BOMA BEST Building Certification program.

Upon receipt of notification, BOMA will take the necessary steps to update the Hub to reflect the change in management.

Certification history, including previously achieved certification years, verification reports and scoring summaries, will be kept with the building application for historical purposes. These records and documents shall be made available for the new building manager’s review to gain insight into the building’s past performance.

Certification Status

  • Single Stream: The building will maintain its most recent certification until the expiry date stated in the certification record. It will continue to appear certified under the new management name until it expires.
  • Portfolio Stream: The building will maintain its certification until the end of the calendar year. If the new management company chooses to continue with the Portfolio Stream, the building must complete a verification within one calendar year after it was acquired in order to retain its certification level. If it is not verified, the certification level will be changed to Baseline.

Change of Building Management – Acquiring a Previously Certified Building

When a new management company takes possession of a previously certified building and wishes to continue pursuing a certification under the new management company, the new management company must notify BOMA.

To ensure privacy and maintain confidentiality of previous certification records in the Hub, two options are available to the new management company after notifying BOMA:

  1. The new management company can register the acquired building in the Hub under their company name. BOMA will then migrate records, such as previously achieved certifications, verification reports and scoring summaries. BOMA will not provide access to previous Questionnaire data.
  2. If the new management company wishes to access the Questionnaire data completed by the previous management company for a previously certified building, consent from the previous management company is required. A Questionnaire Transfer Request must be submitted to BOMA. This can be found here or in the BOMA Documentation Library in the Hub. The form must include a signature and contact information from the previous management company.

Once received by BOMA, access to the previous Questionnaire data will be provided to the new management company Applicant in accordance with the permission levels outlined in the form and consented to by the previous management company.