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How-To Manual


Fees and Payment


About Fees and Payment

Fees are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the BOMA BEST Program Policies. We recommend reviewing these policies thoroughly before submitting an application to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Effective January 1, 2023, the application fees below shall be implemented unless explicitly indicated otherwise. The stated fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes. BOMA BEST reserves the right to modify Application Fees without prior notice.

To ensure compliance with BOMA BEST definitions for each asset type, Applicants are required to select the building assessment module accordingly. When calculating the building size for the purpose of determining the Application Fee, please exclude any interior and/or underground parking, as well as exterior parking, within the building size.

The Application Fees cover on-site verification fees but do not include any travel expenses incurred in cases where the building(s) is located at a considerable distance from BOMA BEST or designated Local BOMA Association offices.

Additional fees may apply if requirements are not met and a second verification site visit is required.

Refer to our policies for more information.