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How-To Manual




Multiple Buildings 

In most cases, each building requires a single Questionnaire. It is possible, however, for multiple buildings/structures to be assessed using a single Questionnaire.


Multiple buildings (or towers/structures) are considered an individual building requiring only one Questionnaire, if the following three conditions are met:

    1. The buildings must share an actual, physical connection that is complete and indivisible (e.g., a shared functional space that cannot be divided, such as underground parking, an atrium or conference space). Hallways or interior walking paths between buildings are not considered functional, shared space, even if they are lighted and/or heated. This requirement is consistent with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) definition of a “single structure”.
    2. Buildings must have the same primary use type (75% or more of each building is dedicated to the same use, such as “Office”).
    3. Buildings must be managed by the same management company and share policies.

Aspects that are not taken into consideration in the definition of an individual building:

    • Age of construction of each structure in the building.
    • Whether utilities are shared.
    • Whether consumption is sub-metered.
    • Whether HVAC equipment or other technologies are shared.

Buildings composed of multiple structures that meet the requirement for an individual building may be assessed using a single Questionnaire or multiple Questionnaires may be submitted to capture the specificities of each structure (e.g., building tower). This decision is left to the Applicant.


In the case where multiple structures fit the definition of an individual building and the Applicant wishes to continue using a single Questionnaire, the Applicant must assess all areas in that building to obtain a certification. For example, in the case where four towers sit atop a shared podium, the Applicant must include all four towers as part of the Single Assessment/Questionnaire. The Applicant cannot choose to include only part of the structure (e.g., two of four towers). If the Applicant only wants to assess a part of the building (e.g., two of four towers), they must use separate Questionnaires for each tower.