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Technical Update Request


About Technical Update Request

BOMA is committed to the continuous evolution and improvement of the BOMA BEST Building Certification Program.

As such, BOMA has created a transparent process through which modifications can be made to the BOMA BEST Building Certification Program content to ensure the program remains clear, up-to-date and on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

This process, called the Technical Update Requests (TUR) process, allows requests for content review and clarification to be assessed and resolved by the BOMA BEST Technical Committee.

A TUR may be:

    • A request for a formal review of the intent behind an assessment question
      • These TURs will contribute towards creating a BOMA BEST Questionnaire that is up-to-date with industry best practices for environmental performance and management.
    • A request for a revision of the question requirements
      • These TURs will contribute towards ensuring that the BOMA BEST language is clear and concise through the creation of additional user resources.
    • A request for scoring interpretation including regional-based amendments
      • These TURs will bring greater specificity to the tool, allowing it to become sensitive to regional differences.