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How-To Manual


Eligibility Criteria


Light Industrial (Workshops and Warehouses)

To be eligible for this module, 75% of the building’s use must meet the Light Industrial Module definition listed below (25% can be dedicated to other usage).

Industrial Building: A facility in which the space is used primarily for research, development, service, production, storage or distribution of goods and which may also include some office space (no more than 25% of the space can be dedicated to office usage).

  • Manufacturing/Industrial Plant: A facility used for the conversion, fabrication and/or assembly of raw or partly wrought materials into products/goods.
  • Warehouse (refrigerated or non-refrigerated): A facility primarily used for the storage and/or distribution of materials, goods and merchandise.
  • Distribution Center: Refers to unrefrigerated buildings that are used for the temporary storage and redistribution of goods, manufactured products, merchandise or raw materials.

Definitions sourced from NAIOP Terms & Definitions: North American Office & Industrial Market and Energy Star Portfolio Manager.