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How-To Manual


Technical Interpretation Requests


About Technical Interpretation Requests

Having difficulty fulfilling a BOMA BEST question? Have an alternative way to interpret and fulfill a question? The Technical Interpretation Request (TIR) allows an Applicant to gain clarification before registering a project or while working through their BOMA BEST Questionnaire. All inquiries for BOMA BEST TIRs should address only one question.

A TIR allows an Applicant to obtain technical guidance related to a particular question or facet of the BOMA BEST Questionnaire. The BOMA BEST Technical Team will review your interpretation and inform you if it is consistent with the published Questionnaire requirements. The BOMA BEST Technical Committee will provide an official statement of the TIR.

Please note that a one-time fee of $350, plus applicable taxes, will be charged for any TIR received. Fees are non-refundable. Once payment has been received, the BOMA BEST Technical Team will make every effort to respond to the query within 15 business days (subject to change). Additional supporting documentation may be required for the BOMA BEST Technical Team to make an official ruling.