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How-To Manual


BOMA BEST Policies


BOMA BEST Policy 17: BOMA BEST non-endorsement

BOMA BEST maintains a strict policy of non-endorsement of external brands, products or services, irrespective of any claims made regarding our certification program. We do not engage in the review, certification, or endorsement of third-party products or services and never permit third parties to use our marks in such a manner.  Therefore, the BOMA BEST mark must NEVER be utilized in any of the following ways: 

  • To suggest or indicate any kind of endorsement of any products or services. 
  • To indicate that an official status for any product or service has been conferred by or is otherwise associated with BOMA BEST. 
  • To show any kind of relationship with BOMA BEST aside from those permitted by the guidelines specified, or as mutually agreed upon by BOMA BEST and through a written signed agreement.  

If you are aware of a company presenting itself as being officially endorsed by BOMA BEST, kindly let us know.