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Asset Classes

Questionnaire - Light Industrial

A few words about the Light Industrial asset class and its questionnaire ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The Light Industrial Questionnaire is organized lorem ipsum Focus Areas.
Energy and Carbon (24 questions)
E0. Baseline Practices (2 questions)
E1. Assessment (3 questions)
E2. Planning (2 questions)
E3. Benchmarking (3 questions)
E4. Tracking and Monitoring (1 question)
E5. Conservation Measures (3 questions)
E6. Operations and Maintenance Optimization (0 questions)
Not Applicable
E7. Controls (1 question)
E8. Lighting (2 questions)
E9. Demand Management (0 questions)
Not Applicable
E10. HVAC Efficiency (2 questions)
E11. Envelope (2 questions)
E12. Training and Innovation (2 questions)
E13. Engagement (1 question)
Water (12 questions)
W0. Baseline Practices (3 questions)
W1. Assessment (1 question)
W2. Benchmarking (1 question)
W3. Tracking and Monitoring (1 question)
W4. Conservation Measures (1 question)
W5. Water Hazards (2 questions)
W6. Training and Innovation (2 questions)
W7. Engagement (1 question)
Indoor Air Quality and Hazards (20 questions)
I0. Baseline Practices (3 questions)
I1. Assessment (1 question)
I2. Ventilation and Exhaust (4 questions)
I3. Filtration (1 question)
I4. Renovation and Construction (2 questions)
I5. Refrigerants (3 questions)
I6. IAQ Hazards (3 questions)
I7. Training and Innovation (2 questions)
I8. Engagement (1 question)
Accessibility and Wellness (11 questions)
A0. Baseline Practices (1 question)
A1. Accessibility (1 question)
A2. Comfort, Views and Acoustics (2 questions)
A3. Equity and Inclusivity (3 questions)
A4. Occupant Experience (2 questions)
A5. Training and Innovation (2 questions)
A6. Engagement (0 questions)
Not applicable
Custodial and Waste (14 questions)
P0. Baseline Practices (2 questions)

P4.0b – Waste Reduction and Diversion Policy

Q: Is a Waste Reduction and Diversion Policy in place at the building?


P8.0 — Owner or landlord shares Custodial & Waste Management practices

Q: Has the owner or landlord’s Custodial & Waste Communication Plan been shared with the tenants?

P1. Procurement (2 questions)
P2. Custodial Maintenance and Operations (1 question)
P3. Custodial Assessment (1 question)
P4. Waste Management (0 questions)
Not Applicable
P5. Waste Audit and Measurement (2 questions)
P6. Renovations and Construction (3 questions)
P7. Training and Innovation (2 questions)
P8. Engagement (1 question)
Resilience and Site (10 questions)
R0. Baseline Practices (1 question)
R1. Site (2 questions)
R2. Climate Hazards and Risks (3 questions)
R3. Climate Planning and Vulnerabilities (2 questions)
R4. Training (2 questions)