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Renovations and Construction

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P6.2 — Waste Control in Construction Specifications


Are the construction waste controls included in specifications for owner or landlord renovation or construction projects?


Applicable to all buildings (systems or equipment in the owner or landlord’s control)


Select all that apply:
  • Yes — included in specifications
  • Yes — evidence of implementation exists
  • No


Renovation, construction, and demolition projects create a lot of waste materials (about 30% of Canada’s disposal) and need to be effectively managed to minimize the adverse impact on the environment.

These materials are largely inert, very heavy and can pose unique challenges in source separation because most materials are combined and difficult to recycle. This is further complicated because the Project Managers for C&D projects work in a separate department and interdepartmental collaboration is minimal.

Without effective communication and planning from the initial project design stages, waste minimization and diversion is nearly impossible.


Before construction:
  1. Develop design and construction specifications for all owner or landlord-led renovation or construction projects being planned in the building

  2. Ensure all items covered in the building-specific Construction Waste Management Program are covered in the design and construction specifications

  3. Include directive in the specifications that binds the contractor to follow the Construction Waste Management Program during construction
During and after construction:
  1. Identify construction projects to implement the Construction Waste Management Program

  2. Gather the specifications for those projects and highlight the sections detailing the construction waste control measures to follow

  3. Conduct regular inspections and document where and how the construction waste management are followed

  4. Keep a record of the inspections and track implementation of waste sorting activities for the duration of the construction project


  • Section of construction specifications detailing waste control measures

  • Section of construction specifications detailing contractor commitment

  • Photos, way bills or inspection reports demonstrating implementation of the program

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