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P2.2 — Enhanced Cleaning Protocols


Is there an Enhanced Cleaning Protocol in place during flu season or for pandemic response?


Applicable to Office, Healthcare, Enclosed Shopping Centre, Universal and Multi-Unit Residential buildings


Yes or No


During flu season and pandemic response there is elevated risk for frequently touched surfaces to harbour bacteria and viruses.

Frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles and elevator buttons and shared common area, such as kitchens, washrooms can harbour bacteria and viruses for extended periods.

An enhanced sanitation schedule must be developed which identifies frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles/knobs, elevator call buttons, handrails, light switches, faucets, drinking water stations, kitchen equipment, countertops, shared Office equipment, etc.) and commonly shared areas (e.g., fitness rooms, boardrooms, break areas, shared kitchens, shared washrooms, shared Office equipment, lobbies, hallways, elevators, stairs, etc.).


  1. Develop Enhanced Cleaning Protocols as follows:
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be easily cleanable and sanitized with a disinfectant at least twice daily during flu season, a pandemic response, or similar circumstances

  • Use acceptable disinfection products registered with Health Canada (DIN), products certified by Ecologo or equivalent

  • Hand sanitizers should contain at least 60% alcohol content for effective virus control, approved for use by your local health authority and be placed in central locations for easy access

  • Signage: raise awareness, reminders of handwashing, safe distancing etc.

  • Scheduling: increase cleaning frequency to at least twice daily to disinfect high contact and commonly shared areas

  • Maintenance: increase the supply and upkeep of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels

  • Training: ensure building and custodial staff are appropriately trained in proper cleaning and safety techniques

  1. Provide evidence that the enhanced cleaning protocol was implemented (e.g. hi-touch cleaning)

  2. Where custodial services are managed and delivered by the tenants and their service providers, the owner or landlord must provide information to the tenants on how to implement enhanced cleaning protocols


  • Building-specific Enhanced Cleaning Protocol
  • Proof that Program was shared with Tenants

Adapted BB3 Question

Question 07.03.01 – Does the building management maintain an inventory and sanitation schedule for frequently touched surfaces?

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