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W5.0 — Mould and Water Damage Management


Is a Mould and Water Damage Management Program in place at the building?


Applicable to all buildings (systems or equipment in the owner or landlord’s control)


Select one of the following:

    • Yes – Program in place
    • Yes – Program has been shared with Tenant Representative(s)
    • Not Applicable – There are no systems or equipment in owner / landlord’s control


Water-impacted building materials can begin to exhibit mould growth in as little as 48 hours. A water damage monitoring and management program will assist in rapidly addressing bulk water damage, including detailed procedures for drying, cleaning and remediating where necessary.

Health Canada’s Fungal contamination in public buildings: A guide to recognition and management, 1995 recommends “the development of programs to avoid the development of fungal amplification-sites.” Further, the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s 2013 “Position Statement on Mould and Dampness in the Built Environment,” recommends that a “formal mould/water prevention program with clear actions and responsibilities is required for an effective response to signs of moisture”.


    1. Develop a building-specific Mould and Water Damage Management Program that covers the following:
      • Responsible parties, including the building team’s training Requirements
      • Requirements and frequency for building and HVAC inspections
      • Actions required to reduce the risk of indoor mould growth
      • Procedures for mould and water damage investigations
      • Procedures for management of mould cleanup activities
    2. Demonstrate that the program was developed by a person competent in mould and water damage management practices
    3. Program must be signed by the building manager, dated within the last 12 months


    4. The owner or landlord must provide information to the Tenant Representative(s) that manage(s) water use within the tenant space on how to implement a Mould and Water Damage Management Program


    • Building-specific Mould and Water Damage Management Program OR evidence that Program was shared with Tenant Representative(s)

Adapted BB3 Question

Question 02.01.01 — Is a Water Damage Monitoring and Management Program in place in the building?

Suggested Lead

In house: Facility Maintenance, Building Manager/Policy Makers
Third-party: Hazards/IEQ Consultant

Note: This questionnaire requires a third party consultant. It’s rare that a company will have an in house expert on mould and water damage mgmt practices




Other Notes

Water treatment in HVAC equipment must, at all times, meet local provincial and/or federal guidelines and regulations.