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Focus Area

Resilience and Site



Question #

R1.2 — Sensitive Site Management


Are environmentally sensitive site management strategies implemented and maintained on the site?


Applicable to all buildings (systems or equipment in the owner or landlord’s control)


Select all that apply:

  • Native plant species
  • Native pollinator-friendly flowering plants
  • Edible garden
  • Bee hives or hotels
  • Bird-safe
  • None of the above


How a building manages its landscaped areas through mowing and fertilization practices can have an impact on the surrounding environment (e.g., the persistence of invasive species; the release of harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides; and on resource use like water).

Broad-spectrum application of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides has significant impacts on the health of the landscape and the runoff of harmful chemicals into the environment. Building managers can reduce non-point source pollution by focusing on using non-chemical control methods. When chemical options are used, these should be low in toxicity and persistence. Their use should be part of an overall landscape management plan.


Strategies include:

    1. >80% of landscaping contains native and drought resistant plant species
    2. >80% of landscaping contains native and drought resistant flowering plants that encourage pollinators
    3. Removal of invasive/non-native plant species
    4. Environmentally preferable pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides
    5. Bee hives or bee hotels
    6. Bird-safe strategies include grey or black deterrent markers installed on reflective or clear glass surfaces


    • Photos, specifications, excerpts from landscaping contract etc. showing example of specific strategy implemented

Adapted BB3 Question

Question 09.01.01 – Is a landscape management program in place for the building that includes the following considerations?

Suggested Lead

In-house, with third-party support




Other Notes

If there is no landscaping on site then there is still the possibility of implementing the proposed strategies in other areas of the building, such as bee hives on the roof, bird-friendly films on glazing etc.

Measures should be in place for at least a year, or one prior summer season.


1 Point per option, up to 5 Max Points