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Accessibility and Wellness


Occupant Experience

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A4.1 — Occupant Service Requests


Is an Occupant Service Request Program in place?


Applicable to all buildings (systems or equipment in the owner or landlord’s control)


Select all that apply:
  • Yes — Occupant Service Request Program in place
  • Yes — Evidence of requests resolved within 1 — 2 weeks
  • No


Service requests for maintenance are used to identify issues pertaining to the building. Having a formal process in place allows tracking of various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as critical equipment maintenance and critical building maintenance.

Building occupants (tenants and building staff) are important stakeholders in IAQ management. Promoting a better understanding of IAQ in the building will encourage feedback and demonstrate active management of IAQ concerns.

Building management must have in place a documented means for addressing occupant (tenant and building staff) concerns regarding maintenance service requests. Visitors to the building may also log service requests. Such service request logs can provide evidence of occupant dissatisfaction and its causes. Trends in complaint rates over time may indicate occupant reactions to changes in building operation.


    1. Describe the process used in the building to receive, document and respond to complaints (such as IAQ, temperature, smell, dust, dryness etc.)
    2. The Occupant Service Request Program must include the following components:
        • A mechanism to ensure that all service requests are reviewed and acted upon within 1-2 weeks, unless otherwise specified (e.g., critical area or critical equipment) – see Other Notes
        • Information on the origins of the service request
        • Information on the status of the service request (e.g., in progress, resolved, etc.)
        • Information on the corrective action taken.
    3. Service requests must be reviewed and acted upon within 1-2 weeks, unless otherwise specified (e.g., critical area or critical equipment).
    4. Ensure there are considerations and direction provided for when a complaint can be handled by on-site maintenance staff and where the complaint requires escalation to bring in a third party
    5. Describe procedures to follow if issues require more time to resolve


  • Occupant Service Request Program
  • Sample service requests received and resolved, such as closed work orders
  • Demonstrate service requests are addressed within 1-2 weeks
  • Provide communication with occupant as proof that matters were resolved

Adapted BB3 Question

Best Practice 8 – Is an Occupant Service Request Program in place?

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Other Notes

The Occupant Service Request Program must have a mechanism in place for recording the following information:

      • Incident log number
      • Occupant name, company and department, location in building.
      • Date complaint was received;
      • Description of complaint;
      • Suggested cause;
      • Summary of problem;
      • Actions completed;
      • Date of occupant interview (if applicable);
      • Remedial action report;
      • Date of when occupant was advised about actions taken;
      • Additional details (as required)


1 and / or 2 Points