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Asset Classes

Focus Area

Custodial and Waste


Baseline Practices

Question #

P4.0a – Waste Audit


Has a Waste Audit been completed for the building in the past three years?


Applicable to Office, Healthcare, Enclosed Shopping Centre, Universal and Multi-Unit Residential buildings


Yes – audit conducted every three years, and waste sampling took place over one day


Improving waste management practices requires knowledge regarding the nature and mass of waste collected on-site. Often data provided by waste haulers is not always based on weighted data, making a reliable analysis of a building’s performance impossible. Regular auditing of the waste generated on a site is therefore recommended to gain a more accurate understanding of the volume of waste generated, size of different waste streams and where waste is taken once it leaves the building site.


  1. The Waste Audit must address:
      • The time period and duration of waste sampling
      • The sample size representing a minimum of 10% of the building’s waste and recycling materials and reasons why the sample is representative
      • Details specific to each stream and if each stream has an available program locally for collection for recycling or reuse
      • How the waste data was categorized, evaluated and analyzed based on its composition (the site must be equipped with a minimum number of worktables, precise scales, and mobile containers for weighing the waste)
  1. The Waste Audit Report must include:
      • Summary of the sampling protocol and methodology used
      • Total of each waste stream and overall total waste
      • Audit diversion rate
      • Audit capture rate
      • If data is extrapolated to represent annual waste weights or volumes, describe the calculation methodology used
      • Summary of recommendations for improving waste diversion
      • Suggested implementation plan for recommendations
      • Credentials of third-party who conducted the audit


  • Custodial Effectiveness Assessment Report
  • Credentials of person(s) conducting the assessments
  • Photos, etc. demonstrating corrective actions addressed
  • P4.0a – Waste Audit Template

Adapted BB3 Question

Best Practice 13 – Has a Waste Audit been completed for the building in the past three years?

Suggested Lead

Third-party: Waste Consultant



3R Certified

Other Notes

Waste audits conducted with the exclusive use of cameras in bins are not admissible.

At a minimum, a waste audit should be carried out every three years. Annual audits are recommended. Auditing is a scientific approach aimed at collecting precise data about the characteristics of waste, including its mass, composition, waste stream and methods of disposal. To be credible, auditing should be conducted using a trustworthy methodology. In addition, it should clearly establish the different criteria and methods of evaluation, as outlined in an initial protocol