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Indoor Air Quality and Hazards



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I7.1 — Training in IAQ and Hazards


Did the building operations and management team receive Indoor Air Quality & Hazards training in the previous three years?


Applicable to all buildings (systems or equipment in the owner or landlord’s control)


Indicate which topics are covered in the training:

    • IAQ Assessment, Ventilation, Exhaust & Filtration 
    • Renovation & Maintenance 
    • Refrigeration & IAQ Hazards 
    • None


In order for building maintenance staff to effectively manage the building’s Indoor Air Quality & Hazards, training should be provided which addresses the topics of IAQ assessment, ventilation and exhaust, filtration, renovation & maintenance, refrigeration or IAQ hazards.

Over time, technologies and preferred practices in building operations and maintenance change. Providing regular professional development opportunities is a good way to help retain staff. Offering training and educational opportunities related to environmental/sustainable building performance not only benefit staff but improve the performance of the building when staff training is applied at the building level.


    1. List the names of staff members to whom the competencies covered under these topics would apply
      • Training must be provided on the equipment and systems for which the owner or landlord is responsible, covering content such as:
        • A review of maintenance practices, such as filter changes, coil cleaning, drain pans, humidifiers, fan operation, cooling tower maintenance, etc.
        • A review of applicable IAQ standards and guidelines as well as building performance goals
        • Typical causes of IAQ complaints and suggested remedies
        • What is radon, health effects of radon exposure, how does radon enter buildings? Applicable guidance and legislation, testing for radon, mitigation of radon, radon and new construction
    2. Provide the applicable course outline or syllabus
    3. Provide evidence of competency or training received such as credentials, completion certificate, record of attendance


    • Name of building O&M team member who received the training
    • Course outline or syllabus
    • Training Certificate or Record of Attendance

Adapted BB3 Question

Question 03.01.01 — Is a training program on indoor air quality (IAQ) in place for Property Managers and Building Maintenance staff?

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In-house, with third-party support




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